Chollerton Parish Council | Chollerton Parish Flood Plan
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Chollerton Parish Flood Plan

Chollerton Parish Flood Plan

Following on from establishing a Chollerton Parish Emergency Plan, the Parish Council and the Environment Agency are now asking local people to help establish a flood warning plan.

As a first stage we are looking to identify specific areas in the Parish where flooding has been an issue, or may be in the future.

We are also interested in hearing from anyone who would like to become more involved from a flood planning perspective, or as a future Flood Warden. Flood Wardens are the eyes and ears on the ground, they act as a link between the Environment Agency and communities at risk – getting vital information out to local residents. This is not a time consuming role – it will only require your support when flooding is possible and to ensure the plan remains up to date.

The immediate response might be to think only about watercourses and resulting flooding to nearby houses from winter rainfall.

However, the reality of climate change is that short heavy rainfall and field run off can flood both roadways and houses where flooding has not previously been an issue and in higher areas than traditional ‘flood plains’. Reductions in roadway maintenance can also result in pipework blockages and flooding.

If you are aware of an area which has flooded in the past, or are concerned about any area which you feel is at risk of flooding in the future, or would just like to become more involved in the process, please contact the Parish Clerk with a quick message and we will contact you for more details.

Thank you

Parish Clerk