Chollerton Parish Council | Chollerton Parish Council Emergency Plan
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Chollerton Parish Council Emergency Plan

Chollerton Parish Council Emergency Plan

Over recent months Northumberland County Council has introduced a Community Resilience Programme. A key aspect has been working with Town and Parish Councils to develop local Emergency Plans. As a result, on 23rd November 2022 Chollerton Parish Council adopted its own Emergency Plan. In summary:

Plan aim

To increase resilience within the local community through developing a robust coordinated approach that complements the plans and first response position of emergency services and statutory organisations.

It is important to understand that the first response by anyone to an Emergency situation should be a call to alert the appropriate Emergency Services.

The types of emergencies which may impact on the community include:

  • Flood
  • Fire risk, particularly in summer months on arable land with the potential for large scale damage to farming land spreading to domestic and farm buildings.
  • Adverse weather: high winds, deep snow etc. leading to disruption to power, transport links from, for example, fallen trees on roads.
  • Power outage leading to loss of power to homes and businesses (including loss of water to those on bore holes)


Activation of the Plan

Any member of the community who feels that an Emergency exists which the Parish Council should consider becoming actively involved should contact the Council through either the Clerk or any Councillor. The plan with an appropriate response may then be activated by agreement between members of the Parish Council.