Chollerton Parish Council | Minutes of the meeting held on 28th July 2021
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Minutes of the meeting held on 28th July 2021

Minutes of the meeting held on 28th July 2021



 Minutes of Chollerton Parish Council Meeting held on 28th July 2021 7.30 p.m. in Colwell Village Hall.


Present: – Cllr Edward Heslop (Chair); Cllr Dorothy Pigg (Vice-Chair); Cllr Maggie Tarbit; Cllr Malcolm Johnson; Cllr Bruce Lowdon; Cllr Fiona Charlton; Cllr Andrew Bennett; County Councillor Nick Morphett; Liz Atkinson (Clerk) and Mr Michael Smith.


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Mr Michael Smith from Barrasford Park who was interested in joining the Parish Council.


2021/07/01. Apologies for Absence. None

2021/07/02. Opportunity for Matters Raised by Members of the Public before the meeting to be discussed. None.

2021/07/03. Declarations of Interest from Members.

                    Cllr Bennet declared an interest in the Planning Application for Pitt House


Cllr Heslop declared an interest in the request for support from Sport

Tynedaleand in Colwell Hall application.


2021/07/04. Minutes of the Previous Meeting.

                     All agreed these were an accurate and true record and The Chair signed


The Chair asked for clarification to be minuted on the Clerk’s payment

from the last meeting.

The Clerk’s salary was £572.00 with the additional payment of £100.00 which

is paid annually towards office running costs. He felt it was important

when this was reviewed to take cost increases into account.


2021/07/05. Matters Arising.

                    The Chair thanked Cllr Lowdon and The Clerk for all the work they had

done in getting the Defibrillator at Gunnerton installed and up and

running. It was now registered with the Ambulance service.

It was decided no signage was necessary.

The Clerk had contacted local businesses for information on prices of Grit bins.

None had come back with prices, sizes or availability. The Clerk suggested

purchasing from Amazon which the meeting agreed might be the solution.

Although the Clerk had been given a new contact at NCC regarding

overhanging branches, clearing gullies and culverts, she had received no reply.

C.Cllr Morphet was asked to mention the bad visibility created by road signs

informing road users of diversions for road resurfacing. He would mention this to



2021/07/06. County Councillor Report.

C.Cllr Morphet gave a quick run down on the issues he had raised with County.

All of which he had chased up again but had heard nothing back as yet.

1.Gunnerton traffic calming

2.Drain above West Crescent Gunnerton

3.Barrasford Flashing lights for school bus time.


The Clerk reported to the meeting Council workmen manning the road

closures coming into Barrasford had been subject to verbal abuse from two

residents. C.Cllr Morphet would let the NCC know Chollerton Parish Council

deeply regretted this conduct.

The uneven paving stones at East Acres Barrasford had been inspected by

a surveyor from Karbon Homes.C.Cllr Morphet had been informed they might

place a “no parking “sign on the area.

Cllr Pigg felt this would certainly add to the parking issues within Barrasford.

As the kerb had been dropped to allow parking on this area by Karbon Homes

when they completed their most recent development, and it was realised extra

parking had not been included; it would seem counterproductive to stop

cars parking here now.

C.Cllr Morphet felt a consultation was needed on site and true ownership must

be established.

Swinburne Quarry was once again in production and C.Cllr Morphet informed

the meeting they had permission for working until 2036.Although some local

residents had complained about the noise level, sound readings had been taken.

The County Council Environmental Health Dept. were going to launch their own

noise level investigation.

C.Cllr Morphet felt it important that anyone with a reasonable grievance be

supported. The Quarry was operating on an old licence and would need an

Environmental Permit if operating for more than 12 months.

The meeting was asked for suggestions for a location for an electrical charging

point, possibly within Barrasford. The Chair reminded the meeting this had been

brought up at previous meetings. Discussion followed with the layby at the

village hall to be felt the best place.

The extension of the barrier at Chollerton Viaduct was discussed. It is necessary

not only for the safety of motorists in icy conditions but for the protection of the

structure of the viaduct and the concern of water pollution should a car (once

again) land in the burn below.

C.Cllr Morphet asked if it was viable to put a footpath from the development of

3 properties at Coalburn up the roadside to Colwell. The Chair had concerns

the roadside was very narrow and would the cost be tenable.

C.Cllr Morphet would raise concerns over the camber on the road at the bottom

of Buckley Bank on the A68 heading North. Black and white posts used to define

the danger but although requested had not yet been replaced.

Also, he would bring to NCC attention the Parish Councils disappointment at not

being involved and consulted before the resurfacing within Barrasford village,

particularly on the road leaving the village going out towards Wark. Pools of

water were still collecting on this road.

The Chair thanked C.Cllr Morphet for all the work he had already done and for

attending the meeting.


2021/07/07. Items for Discussion.

  • The Chair had received a letter of resignation from Cllr Philip Eggleston.

He thanked him for his work whilst on the Parish Council.

  • Having gone through the LDP the members agreed there was nothing to add.
  • Cllr Bennett had attended a meeting on B4RN giving instruction and awareness

of what training would be needed for the future. Agreement from the Duke of

Northumberland was still needed.The project did not have funding of its own

and certain installation areas would be the responsibility of the property owner.

Ray Estates had offered to fund the purchase of some of the equipment needed.

Paul Easthaugh had asked for access to “Parish Online” for access to mapping.

The meeting agreed.

The Clerk would be put down as the named person for access.


2021/07/08.Financial Matters.

                   Bank reconciliation of 29th June 2021 =£12942.55

                   1 unpresented cheque of £225.70 for Barrasford Playground Insurance.

2 cheques had been agreed on via email

                    Easyhire-equipment for Monday Men =£40.00    chq 100712

London Hearts Defibrillator                 =£1311.00 chq100711

                    Approval was asked for payment to Burncliffe Electrical Ltd for

installation of Defibrillator £265.60-approved. chq 100714



  • Mrs Gilroy had emailed the Parish Council on the matter of the number

of vehicles parked at the bottom of Colwell.

The Chair met with Mrs Gilroy and hopefully the matter has now been

resolved with the number of vehicles down to a more reasonable level.

  • Unfortunately, a resident from Gunnerton had contacted NCC over

the cutting of the grass verge between Grieves garage and Barrasford Quarry.

All in the meeting felt disappointed the Parish Council had not been

approached first as the wrong people were accused of doing something but

also the contractor cutting the area had done what he thought was right.

The Chair had thanked the Quarry for their work but the ownership was now on

NCC for the large area of roadside grass and the Monday Men would continue

to cut the sides of the footpath.

The Chair would ask Sam Talbot from NCC to visit at some time to see if there

is anything within the area in need of special protection.

The Monday Men have been reminded just how much their voluntary work is

appreciated by the community.

  • Mr Parbery the Internal Auditor for the PC thanked everyone for the bottle of

wine he had received.

  • Local Transport Plan had already been covered.
  • The Chair gave a quick overview of the work of Sport Tynedale and then left

the meeting in the hands of Cllr Pigg .It was proposed by Cllr Lowdon and

seconded by Cllr Pigg to raise the donation to £175.00 -agreed. chq100713

  • Colwell Village Hall had asked for a donation toward redecorating the hall.

It was proposed by Cllr Tarbit and seconded by Cllr Pigg to give a donation

of £100 toward the materials needed. -agreed. chq 100715

                     The Chair returned to the meeting after the discussion

  • A new representative was needed for the EDF Community Foundation.

Cllr Johnson proposed the present representative Cllr Heslop and Cllr Bennett

seconded the proposal. Cllr Heslop agreed to stand.

2021/07/10. Planning applications.

                    Cllr Bennett left the meeting whilst his application was discussed and

                     Returned when a decision had been made.

                   Ref 21/02479/FUL Pitt House, Birtley. No objections.


It was agreed the Clerk would include on the top of future applications to be

considered, the deadline date for comments.The responsibility would then be on

each Parish Councillor to reply in time rather than the Clerk chase everyone.


2021/07/11. Information Items.

                    Love Northumberland Awards.

                    For the group category it was decided to nominate the Barrasford Monday

Men and for the individual, Louise Coulson.


2021/07/12. Any Other Business.

                    C.Cllr Morphett would enquire regarding an attendance from NCC Climate

Change Committee for the next meeting.


2021/07/13. Date and Venue for Next Meeting.

                    Wednesday 22nd September 2021 7.30 p.m. in Gunnerton Church.


                   This brought the meeting to a close at 9.15 p.m.