Chollerton Parish Council | Changes to Environment Agency Water Resource Licensing
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Changes to Environment Agency Water Resource Licensing

Changes to Environment Agency Water Resource Licensing

Do you have a Private Water Supply?

If you do not get your water from Northumbrian or Hartlepool Water and are using over 20 cubic meters per day for any purpose, you may now require an Environment Agency Water Resources Licence. Shared abstractions also require licensing if the combined peak daily water use exceeds the 20 cubic metres threshold.

Applying for a licence as a previously exempt abstraction will ensure your rights as a protected water user and help to protect longevity of supply. There is a two year period to apply for a licence which started on 1 January 2018 and will end on 31 December 2019. You must apply before October 2019 to ensure your application is processed before the deadline.

If you believe that you will now require a licence, please go to and search for ‘previously exempt’. This will take you to our application forms and guidance.

If you have any enquiries regarding the application process or would like some help completing the required forms we have a support hotline. You can arrange a free appointment with this service by calling the Permitting and Support Centre within our National Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506 506 and asking for advice on ‘New Authorisations’.

There is additional information about the previously exempt activities and applying for a licence at: