Chollerton Parish Council | GREEN RIGG FUNDING
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EDF-ER Green Rigg Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

21 May 2019
Who can apply?
Community and voluntary groups, schools or other such organisations based within ten miles of the Green Rigg Windfarm.

What can be funded?
Capital items that will have a long-lasting benefit;
Play equipment, items for leisure activities and community groups;
Biodiversity and habitat conservation;
Energy conservation and increased use of renewables;
Community trips and events;
Start-up costs for new groups.
This list is not exhaustive!

How much money can be applied for?
Grants of between £250 and £5,000 are available, with up to £9,000 in exceptional circumstances.

How do I apply?
Applications can be made online at or a paper application form can be posted out to you.

When should I apply?
The Fund meets on a regular basis, with applications welcome all year round. The above deadline is relevant for applications to be considered in, July 2019.

Radius of wind farm?

For further information please contact Nils Stronach at the Community Foundation on (0191) 222 0945 /