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Draft minutes of the meeting of Chollerton Parish Council held on the 23rd January 2019 at 7.30 p.m. in Barrasford Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Edward Heslop (Chair); Cllr Jen Dover (Vice-Chair); Cllr Steven Campbell; Cllr Maggie Tarbit; Cllr Dot Pigg; Cllr Maud Jupp; Cllr Fiona Charlton; County Councillor Rupert Gibson and Liz Atkinson (Clerk).

Cllr Heslop welcomed everyone to the meeting.
He welcomed Mr Philip Egglestone who had agreed to join the Parish Council.
The Clerk would hand Cllr Egglestone the forms to fill in at the end of the Meeting-Data Protection, Declaration of Acceptance and Declaration of Interest.

2019/01/01. Apologies for absence.
There were no apologies for absence.

2019/01/02. Opportunity for Members of the Public Present at the meeting to Raise Matters.
There were no members of the public present.

2019/01/03. Declarations of Interest.
Cllr Campbell declared an Interest through family connections to NCC
Cllr Pigg declared Interest through Lycetts
Cllr Jupp declared Interest within the Planning Applications.

2019/01/04.a Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
It had been recorded that Ed Dixon from Barrasford Quarry had retired
whereas his retirement was not until February 2019.This had been ratified
in the minutes.
It was agreed that they were a true and correct record and The Chair signed
and dated them.

2019/01/04.b. Matters Arising.
●The Clerk had only received the requested names for the garage
owners affected by the planting at Chishillways that afternoon. The
Clerk and The Chair would compile a letter ensuring those affected
were in agreement.
●Karbon Homes had not responded on the extra parking requested at
West Crescent, Gunnerton.
The Chair asked NC Cllr |Gibson where the County Council stood on the
provision of parking as there were still at least 9 homes rented on this Estate.
The Clerk would continue to correspond with Karbon Homes and see if at least
the existing parking at the bottom of West Crescent, which had been earmarked
for resurfacing, could be done.

2019/01/05. County Councillors Report.
i.N.C. Cllr. Gibson was pleased to report the Environmental Health
Officer had already been to see the septic tanks at properties on GreenFell
Lane, Gunnerton. Mr Bullock, the farmer concerned with the runoff getting
into his fields had, as yet, not been informed of the result of the visit.
N.C. Cllr Gibson would contact Andy Robson to make sure he contacted Mr
Bullock, if he had not already done so.
ii.The 20mph speed restrictions for traffic through Barrasford were still on the
County Council’s list.
iii.N.C.Cllr Gibson had noted the orange light on the far side of Barrasford
Green had been replaced and updated.
iv.The Local Plan Policies,Draft was passed round the meeting and discussed.
There was concerned expressed that it seemed to indicate that Barrasford would
not be able to have any housing development in the future.
It was agreed by all that there must be some representation at the open
Meetings. The Clerk had circulated the list of venues to the Parish Councillors.
The Clerk would put this list onto the website.

Cllr. Jupp informed the meeting that in the past, residents with land had registered it
with the County Council. It could then be considered for planning in the future.
However ,she felt the Draft Plan showed no possibility for ‘infill’.

The Chair thanked N.C. Cllr Gibson for his report.

2019/01/6. Items for Discussion.
The Chair explained to the meeting the issues surrounding the number of
vehicles parked at the bottom of Colwell Village.
The Clerk and Chair had sent a letter expressing the Parish Council and local residents’ concerns to the Council. However, someone else had already asked that the licence be looked at for this area.
At times there are around 17 vehicles parked ranging from HGV’s to cars to caravans to a horsebox.
The biggest worry is the breaking up of cars, close to a water course and the burning of rubbish often late at night.
There are two Land Agents involved as some of the land is owned by one estate and the other is owned by someone else.
Alex Campbell, the Enforcement Officer is dealing with it and it is on track to be tidied up by the beginning of February.
It was felt the correct licences must be obtained.
a. There were no Transport Issues.
b. The Clerk would find out who was responsible for the traffic lights at Edge House, above Barrasford. They were continually on red on both sides.
c. Cllr Dover had contacted James Dickinson re: the repair of the Bus Shelter
at Barrasford. The Clerk had left two voicemails with no result.
James had put this on his list but felt this was not the right time of year to do the repair.
It was hoped they would keep in communication with the Parish Council in the future.
d. The website was ongoing but would not be an instant fix. If anyone had any changes they wanted, if they could let the Clerk know.
Photographs would be taken of Parish Councillors at the end of the meeting to update the website.
e. Up to date £640.00 had been donated towards the seat. More had been received and the Parish Council would top-up any shortfall.
The Chair had contacted the makers of the seat and there would be approx. 4/6 weeks before it could be delivered.
The Chair informed the meeting that a letter had been received from The Green Rigg Fund and there had been few requests although there was money available.
The Chair would speak to Peter Barrett and see if there was a possibility of buying two seats.The second could possibly be sited at Gunnerton Church.
Both Cllr Dover and Cllr Tarbit had experience of filling in the application forms in the past and would be willing to help with this if necessary.

Discussion followed on what would be depicted on the back of the seat.

2019/01/07. Correspondence.
Northumberland Local Plan.
A list of meeting times and venues was circulated.

A letter had been received (and posters) dealing with concerns over Roadside Litter. The Posters would be put up on the Parish Notice Boards.

2019/01/08. Financial Matters.
● Precept.
It was agreed by the meeting to put the Precept at £8000.00.
The Chair completed the necessary form which the Clerk would scan and
send to Northumberland County Council.
● An invoice had been sent from Wark Branch of the Royal British Legion for a
Wreath of £17.00. It was agreed to pay this but to top it up to £25.00.
chq 100658.
Cllr Dover agreed to contact Judith Weir as there was no record of a payment
being made last year.
● The Chair suggested that 3 members of the Parish Council got together to
discuss the Clerk’s wages. A proposal could then be brought to the next
meeting and put in place for the May meeting. The Vice-Chair agreed that
the Chair,Vice Chairman and Cllr Pigg meet to discuss.
●Barrasford Playground committee had received an invoice for the insurance.
The Parish Council had agreed to pay half. This was for £206.00 chq 100657.
Gunnertons Playground committee had also received an invoice, half of which
was £215.80 chq 100656.

As it was pointed out these should both be the same amounts, The Clerk would
contact Dee McGowan from Gunnerton and ask her to contact Lycetts
informing them of the discrepancy.

● The Bank reconciliation was given to each member.
The balance at 29th Dec 2018 was £12450.53
with two unpresented cheques :-
Phoebus Solutions £55.00 and Colwell Village Hall Hire £20.00

At this point The Chair informed the meeting that both the Headmistress of the
School, Mrs Davey and a representative from the Board of Governors had been
Invited to attend. Unfortunately, Mrs Davey had a previous engagement and no
one from the Governors was able to attend.
The Chair still had concerns about the schools’ future and felt the Parish Council
needed closer links. He had been told there was a vacancy on the Board of
Governors and felt it would be useful to have a Parish Council represented.
Cllr Dover asked if there was anyone willing to stand as governor-it was
decided to wait until the Chairman’s meeting with the Head Teacher.
The Clerk had agreed to send Mrs Davey the minutes from the meeting and had
informed her where they could be accessed on the website.
The Chair would contact Mrs Davey in the hope of having a meeting to raise the
Parish Councils concerns.

2019/01/09. Planning Applications.
●Plans from Northumbria Water Treatment Works at Gunnerton for Five
Kiosks and Newt ponds and new agricultural vehicular access had been
Cllr Dover informed the meeting Northumbria Water had not come forward
with the ‘Slow Children Playing’ signs and had not responded to the request
for a donation to the memorial seat.
● A planning application had been submitted for an AquaZoom hydro turbine
on land north of Haughton Castle. The Chair had been contacted by concerned
residents and on behalf of the Parish Council, he had asked for it to be deferred
as the Parish Council had not been consulted.
It has since been withdrawn.

● Lead Member for Planning for February/March 2019 Cllr Campbell.

2019/01/10. Information Items.
A letter had been received from Came & Co informing the Parish Council
Came & Co Local Council Insurance had been taken over by Arthur J
Gallagher & Co.
An email had been received from Mr Ian Ward suggesting the Parish Council
Put in place a Parish Action Plan. This was discussed and agreed that proposals
would be considered for some sort of action plan on the needs of the Parish
The Clerk would reply to Mr Ward informing him of the discussion and that the
Parish Council was looking at proposals.

2019/01/11. Any Other Business.
1. The Chair asked members to think about who they would like to
nominate for Local Hero awards this year.
Cllr Dover proposed Jim Bullock from Gunnerton for all his work and support
to the whole Parish for many years.
The Chair proposed Michelle Nixon for all her hard working within the
It was agreed to confirm these at the March meeting.
2. Concern was increasing to the speed of vehicles along Station Road.
The Chair would contact Mrs Davey at the school. Bad parking and speeding were a concern at either end of the school day.
The Clerk would contact those running the Cubs/Beavers as drop off/
pickup times for this activity continued to be giving concern for
safety on this road.
The Clerk had been in contact with P.C. Lee Davison and he would obtain
‘Community Speedwatch in Operation’ signs for Barrasford
3. Cllr Pigg asked for the flagstones outside of 23,24,25and 26 East Acres to be repaired. N.C Cllr Gibson would look into who’s responsibility it was.
4. The increase in dog-fouling throughout the Parish was discussed. The Clerk
would express the concern on the website as it was difficult to come up with a solution. The Clerk would also see if she could obtain more ‘Dog Fouling’ signs.
5. Cllr Dover had been contacted by Mr Rex Robson on the matter of the Tip
Corner at Gunnerton and the Japanese Knotweed.
A great deal of time had been spent last year trying to identify the owner of
the land in question. According to Land registry, no one owned it but that did not necessarily mean the Parish Council could treat and had been advised not to do so.
Companies who had been contacted in the hope of them treating it would not do so without the owners’ permission.
The Clerk would send a letter to Mr Robson explaining the situation.

2019/01/12. Date and Venue for Next Meeting.
The next meeting would be on Wednesday 27th March 2019 at 7.30 p.m. in
Barrasford Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.