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Welcome to Chollerton Parish


Situated in the beautiful and rural North Tyne Valley, bordered by the river itself, the civil parish of Chollerton is home to some 700 residents and has a very active and vibrant community.  As well as interesting historical sites the area contains a village shop, three churches and a chapel, the pub, a post office, a long-established caravan park, two village halls, a first school and several play areas.  Farming is the predominant activity in the area but it is also the location for a large Whinstone quarry and other smaller quarries.




The Parish Council is a statutory local authority set up under local government legislation to operate in the area of the civil parish of Chollerton, which includes the villages of Barrasford, Gunnerton and Colwell and the settlements of Barrasford Park, Great Swinburne, Chollerton and part of Birtley, as well as outlying farmsteads.This website, which is being run by the Parish Council, provides the opportunity to publish information and documents relating to the work of the parish council and its meetings and accounts, which will help to meet some of our statutory obligations.  It is also hoped that the website will develop to become a useful resource for residents and visitors to the area, providing information and links to other local activities.


If you have any suggestions for information to be included on the website do get in touch with us (see Contact page for details.) The Parish Councillors, elected or co-opted every four years, are responsible for representing the electorate within the area of the parish of Chollerton.


Parish Councils have a wide range of powers and duties relating to local matters, such as looking after open spaces, play areas, street lighting and bus shelters, and campaigning for and delivering better services and facilities to meet local needs and improve quality of life in the parish.  The Parish Council is also consulted by Northumberland County Council (as relevant Planning Authority) on all planning applications or highways applications for the Chollerton area.  Views expressed by the Parish Council will be taken into account before a decision is made, providing the points are relevant to the determination of the application, but the final decision is made by the County Council not the Parish Council.  Further detail on the planning process is available via Northumberland County Council’s website at:

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